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Announcing the Western Michigan LEGO Train Club

by Jason on October 27th, 2011

MichLUG and WMLTC are pleased to announce the formation of a new Lego club. WMLTC is a sister club to MichLUG. We formed the club to better serve the needs of AFOLs on this side of the state. It is our hope that with local meetings and events we can encourage more AFOLs to participate. While we’ve branded ourselves as a LTC, we are by no means only interested in Trains, Castle, Space, etc are all of interest to our membership.

We are actively looking for other adults passionate about the Lego hobby who want to share creations with like minded enthusiasts. We currently expect that our show schedule will be more subdued than MichLUG’s hectic pace of 20+ events a year. Perhaps aiming instead for 4 shows and 4 meetings a year.

We currently have a discussion list and hope to have a meeting and show soon. *Update* Our first meeting will be on Decemeber 17th and our first show (under this name) will be on Decemeber 31st. All of our current membership are past and present members of MichLUG and/or other Lego clubs.

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